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Scissor Sharpening

At Mr Knife Guy we specialise in scissor sharpening, and we sharpen, service and repair scissors for a whole host of barbers and stylists all over the north west. From mobile hairdressers to independent barbers and large salons, we’ve an established base of very happy customers who come to us time and time again. If you're too far away for us to come out to you, you can always use our Postal Service.
Our thorough scissor sharpening service includes:
  • Loan scissors while we sharpen yours
  • A full and thorough inspection and service
  • Replacement of any worn or damaged parts
  • Sharpening of the blades
  • Nick removal
  • Re-balancing
  • Re-setting
We can also help if your scissors have been dropped or are otherwise damaged.
Hairdressing scissors & thinners (standard European/bevelled edge) - £15
Conex edge scissors (Japanese style) - £16.50

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